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Company Overview

BulbFounder and President Karen Angellatta-Wheeler is a senior level thought leader with a 20 year proven track record of increasing sales, employee retention and customer satisfaction, and building or redesigning successful teams from the ground up. Her sales, marketing, leadership, training, operations, organizational development and human capital experience is focused on increasing top and bottom line results, performance and effectiveness. 

As the former National Director of Sales Training for Verizon Wireless, Karen drove the company’s sales training strategy across all channels of distribution for 31,000 of 69,000 employees including 7,000 executives, directors and managers across 2,500 locations. In addition, Karen has developed and managed award-winning sales, marketing, training and human capital programs highlighted in Training Magazine's Top 100 & 125 Lists for the last 8 years helping Verizon Wireless earn the coveted number 4 spot in both 2007 and 2008.

Karen and her team listen to your desired business goals, create customized deliverables for your company and transform them into achievable results. For example, at Verizon Wireless she and her team increased average sales by 51%, decreased sales representative ramp up time by 50% and increased employee retention by 68% as a result of well designed and implemented change management, marketing, training and sales initiatives. Karen and her team of experts can do the same for you! Why not call her today and start down your road of success?







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Our Mission 

  • At Effective Sales Strategies, our main business driver is to improve the effectiveness of your sales, marketing, training and human capital strategies. Our unwavering commitment is to our clients, partners, community and the environment.  We strive to put our clients first and to live our values in all we do.

Our Values

  • Integrity Is Our Cornerstone
  • Professionalism & Respect for Others
  • Honesty & Candor in All Communications
  • Innovation, Flexibility & Quality in Our Solutions

Our Green Mission

Effective Sales Strategies, LLC is committed to respecting the environment and we continually look for new ways to be environmentally responsible. We demonstrate our environmental leadership by:

  • Recycling magazines, newspapers, cardboard, glass, plastic, and cans
  • Invoicing clients through email
  • Emailing important client documents versus printing and shipping them
  • Reusing shipping materials
  • Using compact florescent, energy-efficient lighting
  • Buying locally and supporting local business owners when possible